ARC Solar Glass

    • ARC Solar Glass
    • ARC Solar Glass
    • ARC Solar Glass
    • ARC Solar Glass
    • ARC Solar Glass
    • ARC Solar Glass
Product Details:

ARC Solar Glass with High Transmittance, combined with nanometer anti-reflective coating technology, increases solar trancmittance by way of decreasing light reflectance, Thus increasing the solar cell efficiency. Meanwhile, it reduces the reflected glare of the glass and the pollution caused by the reflectance to the environment. The hydrophobic behavior of the AR coating could in some degree protect the dust and dirt from shading the light and improve the self-cleaning of the glass.


ARC   Solar Glass With High Transmittance

Thickness   range


Maximum   Size


Minimum   Size


Solar   Transmittance

(Wavelength   Range 380-1100nm)



Hardness   ≥ 4H

Light   transmittance gain2.3%~2.5%

Adhesion0   level

Quality   Standard

Meets   the standards of JC/T2170-2013AS/NZS2208:1996

EN12150/DIN1249DASTM-E-903891-96JIS   and etc.


Keep   wood pallets Flat or keep open create upright;

packaging   also can be customized


1.Combined   with nanometer anti-reflective coating technology, glass surface forms a   dense structure of high -gain film, which increase 2.3%-2.5% of solar   transmittance;

2.   Good performance on acid and alkali resistance under terrible environments   outdoor.

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