Embossed silk screen solar glass

    • Embossed silk screen solar glass
    • Embossed silk screen solar glass
Product Details:

ProductsEmbossed silk screen solar glass
SizeCan be customized,maximum size:1400*2400mm
Solar transmittance≥93.8%,
ApplicationsFor solar cell module
Payment termsT/T
DeliveryWithin 15 days after receiving the deposit 
MOQ500 sqm

1.High solar lights transmittance
2.The low reflectance: visible light reflectance is less than 7.30%
3.Low iron:glass has only 0.012% of iron content;
4.High intensity,the strength is 3-5 times of ordinary annealed glass
5.Wind pressure resistance: the wind pressure resistance is 1.5-3 times of ordinary annealed glass;
6.Heat shock resistance: the heat shock resistance is 3 times of ordinary annealed glass;
7.Safety:if it is broken, it usually breaks into relatively small pieces, which are less likely to cause serious injury.

Production process:
1.Raw Glass
2.Edging and Cleaning
4.In-process Inspection
8.Quality Control

StandardsTest methodResults
1AppearanceEN1096-2Surface is clean, no scratches,spots or pinholeQualified
2Light transmittanceISO 9050The ratio after coating is higher than before >2.5>2.6
3AdhesionASTMD3359The cutting edge is very smooth , no grid slide,0 level
4Pencil hardnessASTMD3363No thickness of film which scratched by pencil more than 3mm≥6H
5Salt spray testEN1096-2With 5%(±1)NaC1,under 35ºC,last 4-9days,record  the data before and after the test, T<1.04 days,      T=0.57   9 days,      T=0.91
6Thermal CycleIEC61215/10Keep the temperature between -40ºC and 85ºC,±2ºC,200 times,(around 1000 hours),record  the data before and after the test,T<1.0T=0.48
7Muggle TestIEC61215/10Under 85ºC,±2ºC,relative humidity is 85ºC,±5ºC,around 1000 hours,record  the data before and after the test,T<1.0T=0.63
8Wet-cold testIEC61215/10Humidity is 85,±5ºC,temperature is 85ºC,±2ºC,fall to -40ºC,cycle for 10 times.Record  the data before and after the test,T<1.0T=0.80
9Outdoor exposureIEC61215/10Test with the moniter in outdoor temperature,total radiation need to be 60kmh·m-2 .Record  the data before and after the test,T<1.0T=0.59
10Mechanical LoadingIEC61215/10Adding the load to 2400Pa and make it distributed.Keep 2-3 times;the layer wasn't broken and no serious defects in appearanceQualified

1. Interlay paper between two sheets. 
2. Seaworthy wooden crates. 
3. Iron/Plastic belt for consolidation.

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