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National Energy Administration: The newly installed pv capacity from January to May was 23.71GW


On June 16, the National Energy Administration released statistics on the domestic power industry from January to May. By the end of May, China's installed power generation capacity was about 2.42 billion kilowatts, up 7.9 percent year on year. Among them, the installed wind power capacity was about 340 million kW, up 17.6% year on year; Installed solar power capacity was about 330 million kW, up 24.4 percent year on year.

From January to May, domestic power generation equipment was used for an average of 1,462 hours, 69 hours less than the same period last year. Of these, 1,720 hours were spent on thermal power, 97 hours less than the same period last year. Nuclear power 3,081 hours, 41 hours less than the same period last year; Wind power 976 hours, 78 hours less than the same period last year.

From January to May, major domestic power generation enterprises completed 147 billion yuan of investment in power supply projects, up 5.7% year on year. Of this, 40.9 billion yuan was generated by solar power, up 248.7% year on year. Investment in power grid projects reached 126.3 billion yuan, up 3.1 percent year on year.

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