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Total investment 10.5 billion yuan! Zhongrun 16GW large-size high-efficiency photovoltaic cell project started


Polaris Solar Photovoltaic network learned that on July 1, The 16GW large-size high-efficiency photovoltaic cell project of Chuzhou New Energy (Chuzhou) Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Langya Economic Development Zone of Chuzhou city, Anhui Province.  


It is reported that the project with a total investment of 10.5 billion yuan, planning to build efficient photovoltaic cell production integration project, the project is divided into two phases of construction, the first phase of 8GW large size efficient photovoltaic cell project is scheduled to be put into production in January 2023.  


Chuzhou Chuzhou New Energy Co., LTD., founded on June 1, 2022, is one of the subsidiaries of Chuzhou Solar Energy Group.  According to the official website of Zhongrun Solar Energy Group, the company has eight subsidiaries.  Zhongyu photovoltaic technology co., LTD., xuzhou in jiangsu respectively in glow v technology co., LTD., jiangsu huaheng new energy co., LTD., jiangsu Long Heng new energy co., LTD., jiangsu yu glow v technology co., LTD., jiangsu Long Jia new energy co., LTD., jiangsu jie source in the photovoltaic power generation co., LTD., embellish new energy (xuzhou) co., LTD.;  The group has four production bases: respectively located in Peixian Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou High-tech Zone and Suqian Economic Development Zone.  It is expected that the group will have a production capacity of 32.6GW cells and 4.5GW photovoltaic modules in 2022.  In 2023, the group will continue to expand capacity at home and abroad, and eventually form the production scale of 38GW high-efficiency solar cells and 7GW module projects. 

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